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Oh hello, my name is Amy Ricky Goodmurphy. Just kidding my middle name isn’t actually Ricky but I was a raging Tom Boy who possessed a bowl cut and a rat tail as a child and begged people to call me Ricky….and still kind of want people to…but that’s cool. To each their own.
I’ve always loved to laugh and consider myself to be the biggest weirdo that I know.

My family is made up of many awesome weirdo’s as well and I’m proud to call Ryan Steele the second biggest weirdo that I know. Ryan and I met about 6 years ago, and we’ve never stopped putting each other down since. Together we are twisted, which makes me feel very at home.

Comedy is what I love and something that I will never stop perusing. I also love chips, a lot. Like, a lot. It’s not cool. I don’t know how to stop. Again, to each their own I guess. My number one comedian inspiration is Molly Shannon. She is my kind of crazy. Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph , Chris Farley and Chris Lilley are some amazingly funny individuals that I look up to.
Thank you all for supporting our videos, live shows and television appearances (did that make us sound cooler or no?). We truly appreciate you.

Now does anyone have any chips…?